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Volume I

  • A source for the remark attributed to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 'It is almost impossible to exaggerate the complete unimportance of everything.' (GWL, 2 May 1956)
  • Title and author for:

When were you chipped from the blue bowl of air
To haunt our vernal valleys, kingfisher?
Love moves through valleys even more enchanted,
Where rivers of the heart are halcyon-haunted. (GWL, 6 June 1956)

  • A source for the remark attributed to Romain Rolland, 'stuffy little creatures, human beings.' (GWL, 12 July 1956)

Volume 2

  • A source for Gladstone's advice to lie still after falling (GWL, 7 February 1957)
  • Information about the sexual tastes of Sir Gerald Kelly (GWL, 21 February 1957)
  • A source for Miss Reynolds and Goldsmith's bow (GWL, 21 February 1957)
  • A source for 'the forest is like a harp' (if it is indeed a quotation) (RH-D, 27 March 1957)

Volume 3

  • The identity of Balcarres (GWL, 5 February 1958)
  • A more convincing source than Samuel Bamford for the phrase 'and still they come' (RH-D, 15 March 1958)
  • Anything to do with 'dextro-mendelic-laevomenthelesta' (GWL, 24/25 September 1958)

Volume 4

  • Information about irregularities in the private life of Lionel Helbert (GWL, 4 February 1959).
  • A source for Oxford as 'the older and more splendid university', if, as appears, it is quotation (GWL, 23 July 1959)
  • A more plausible source than Austin Dobson for 'poor Dorothy' (GWL, 22 October 1959)