Laurence Irving

Inge, William Ralph (1860–1954). Anglican priest. Dean of St. Paul's, 1911–34. He was a columnist for 25 years (1921–1946) for the London Evening Standard.

Ingram, Bishop – see Winnington-Ingram.

Innes, Michael – see Stewart, J I M.

Irving, Edward (1792–1834). Scottish preacher and teacher. One of his pupils was Jane Welsh, who later married Thomas Carlyle, to whom Irving introduced her.

Irving, Laurence Henry Forster (1897–1988); son of the actor and author H B Irving, and grandson of Sir Henry Irving. Stage designer and author.

Irving, Sir Henry, John Henry Brodribb (1838–1905). Actor-manager.

Isaacs, Rufus Daniel (1860–1935). 1st Marquess of Reading. Lawyer and politician. Solicitor General and Attorney-general in the governments of Campbell-Bannerman and Asquith. Lord Chief Justice, 1913–1921. Ambassador to the United States, 1918–19 (while still Lord Chief Justice). Viceroy of India, 1921–1925. Foreign Secretary, 1931.

Ismay, Hastings Lionel ('Pug') (1887–1965). Baron Ismay. Soldier. Chief of Churchill's personal staff at the Ministry of Defence, with the duty of liaison between the War Cabinet and Chiefs of Staff. He was promoted lieutenant-general in 1942 and general in 1944, retiring from the Army in 1946. Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, 1951; first Secretary General of NATO, 1952.