The correspondence between George Lyttelton (1883–1962) and Rupert Hart-Davis (1907–99) was written between 1955 and 1962, and first published in six volumes, between 1978 and 1984.

Hart-Davis, who edited the letters for publication, confined himself to ‘what I hope is a helpful minimum’ of footnotes, but more than six decades have passed since the correspondence began, and the biographies and the chronological notes on this site are offered to readers in this century who would like more background information.

In the notes to the individual letters I have generally refrained from repeating Hart-Davis’s footnotes, though I have enlarged on some. There remain a few names, quotations and references that I cannot identify. A list of the most conspicuous gaps can be found on the mysteries page of this site. I shall be pleased to hear from from anyone who spots any howlers or can fill any gap.

As well as the notes on the letters and the potted biographies the site contains:

  • Bibliography: British and US editions of the letters, and other publications by Lyttelton and by Hart-Davis.
  • Mysteries page: suggestions for solving any will be most welcome.
  • Links to other sites.